Fresh kicks

I have sore quads today from the HIIT but it’s nearly 60ºF so I went out for a run anyway. How can I pass up a day like this at the beginning of February? I covered just about 2.5 miles in 30 minutes on the uber hilly route and maybe got a little sun on my face. It felt all right, but I’m feeling out of running condition lately. (Not running much will do that.)

I treated myself to a small luxury today: I swapped out my old running shoes, which were quite worn, for a fresh pair of the latest model. I’m still loyal to Mizuno Wave Riders (men’s size 8 2E for my flipper feet) and after wearing out 3 pairs of the 18s I upgraded to the 19. (The 20s are out now, so the 19s were discounted.) It was comfy and cushy, but the heel was a little slippy. I’ll have to look at my laces.

Consort is sick again. Why’s he got to work with plague monsters and then bring the germs home to infect me?

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