Hazardous hair/Pool bubbles

More upper body lifting this morning. It was a little fiddly; I cut my thumb badly yesterday while I was trying to get my husband’s long, thick hair out of the vacuum brush. After a lot of direct pressure the bleeding stopped and I band-aid’d it, but I was worried that handling the heavy bar would re-open the cut. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and I was able to complete my sets of bench, OHP, rows, bicep, tricep and wood chops without bleeding all over the weight room.

I’m mentally preparing for my trip to Hawaii next month (OMG YAY) and also getting my scuba gear and connections together so I can get my dive on. This Friday I’ve signed up for a pool night through my local dive shop, to give my new regulator a try. I’m very excited about this! You wouldn’t think I’d be so excited to blow bubbles in a pool for a couple hours, but I’m super stoked.

However, actually getting my gear there is going to be a pain! My fins are as long as my biggest suitcase. I’m not even taking a BCD or wetsuit, and I suspect that that big suitcase is going to be mostly full with the rest of my kit. Honestly, it’d probably be cheaper to rent gear than pay the excess baggage fee. If I’m doing a weekend trip, I usually shove my fins into my daypack and carry them on (with the fin-tips sticking out the top of the bag, but they’ve never complained.)

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