Run, meditate, dive

I had to drive to work today (ugh) so I had to leave the house super early and arrived at work super early. This meant I didn’t feel bad at all about a longer gym session this morning: 40 solid minutes on the treadmill, then 10 minutes meditating (more on that in a sec!) and a nice long, hot shower. I wasn’t sure how the run was going to work out! My quads were a little tired from the wee squats yesterday and Angry Hamstring was a little angrier from the extra work. But the only problem I really had was a sore big toe (wtf?) and the run was fine.

The received wisdom is that you should never work out on the same day as a dive; it’s something to do with gas uptake in muscles and an elevated risk of DCS. But the pool in which I’ll be blowing bubbles this evening is only like 12′ deep and I’ll probably be up and down anyway so I’m not terribly worried about my nitrogen load.

So yeah, meditation! Like a few other folks, I’ve also downloaded the Calm app after Caitlyn’s post about her experience using it. I haven’t bought a subscription yet, but I’ve been going through the "7 days of Calm" intro– I finished day 5 today. The app is really nice, and I’ve been using the website at home too. The guided meditations are good; I’ve been meditating on and off on my own for a while so it was nice to have some help– and honestly the ambient sounds in the app and website are worth their weight in GOLD. I could listen to the rainstorm or babbling brook ones all day long, and there are like 20 choices and they all sound good.

So after my run today I went into the empty group exercise room, grabbed a mat and a blanket to sit on, and settled in for 10 minutes on "non-doing". (It felt appropriate, as I was delaying getting back to work.) I usually do the practices in the evening on the couch, but today post-run my back hurt about 5 minutes in so that made it more difficult– it’s hard to settle into nice steady breathing when I’m squirming trying to find a position without pain. Maybe this evening I’ll do some meditation again sitting on the bottom of the pool. :)

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