I guess this is a Soylent review?

Today was not off to a great start. First of all, I’m still sickly, though just kind of worn down; the physical symptoms are mostly better aside from some sinus junk. And this morning I arrived at the office to find that everything was super broken and I couldn’t log in to my computer and get to work. After trying for 45 minutes, I said "F it" and went to the gym.

I ran through a laundry list of sets: bench, bicep, tricep, OHP, bent-over one-arm row, farmer’s carry, cable bicep and tricep (because why not), crunches, jackknifes, and a slew of angry hamstring exercises (table-pose leg extensions and curls, clamshells, fire hydrants, leg lifts, and bridge). I finished the workout feeling better about my life, and as a bonus my computer was fixed when I got back to my desk!

My husband’s been on the Soylent train for his food needs during the work day. I think he does this so he can avoid having to be social in the cafeteria, with a side bonus of at-least-I’m-not-eating-burgers-everyday. He’s tried all the flavors now, including "nectar", which he didn’t care for. What is "nectar" flavor? The downside of eating startup-formulated food is that sometimes it gets weird. I brought one in for lunch today. Yep, it’s a weird flavor. I think they must’ve overused Pledge-grade lemon oil, which means it tastes like furniture polish. Mostly just the smell. It was fine as long as I didn’t breathe in when I drank it.

I’ve gone on the record saying that I’d welcome something like Soylent if it was nutritionally complete, filling, and time-saving. So what are my first impressions, aside from the flavor? I drank the bottle quickly, and it didn’t feel like I’d just consumed 400 calories of something. But within 30 minutes I feel not overly full, just not hungry anymore. The macro breakdown isn’t what I expected– it’s 33%carb/47%fat/20%protes by calories. I suppose I can’t complain about an easy 20g protes with lunch.

Husband was going to give away the rest of the "nectar" flavor if I didn’t like it. I think I’ll ask him to keep it around for an easy lunch on busy days. Just don’t breathe in…

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