Early spring run

What is up with this weather in February?! It’s almost 70ºF, and will be all week. Yesterday I was running around in a sleeveless sundress. We’re heading to Hawaii in 2 weeks to “escape the winter” but it’s going to be nearly as warm here. I’m thinking we’re about done with winter now, which doesn’t bode well for this summer.

Anyway, since it’s nice and I have the day off I went for a short 30 minute run. My legs were super fresh (as you might expect, since I haven’t run in over a week) and I didn’t have any lingering breathing problems from the cold. So it was a pretty good run, 2.43mi on the monotonic route.

My sinuses are still pretty unhappy though. I must have some kind of blockage in my ear, there’s a lot of painful pressure if I bend forward. Desperately hoping that it clears up soon, because that’s a dive-stopper right there. I keep hoping that it’ll clear every time I blow my nose but so far no luck…

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