Weight lifting and scuba weighting

Wednesday morning fit-it-in lifting workout! First, heavy bench sets (3×5@125lb, 5@115lb), then accessory OHP, bicep, tricep and bent-over rows, followed by fun core times with weighted crunches, jackknifes and cable wood chops. Lifting is kind of a wash for me right now; I’m not making much progress, but I am keeping up my upper-body strength, at least. This is the problem with being a generalist and splitting my time between running and lifting.

I just fell down an internet hole about scuba diving, trim adjustment and the dreaded and apparently controversial "floaty feet", spending far too long reading about heavy rubber fins and ankle weights and people debating endlessly on forums.

Unlike your average person photographed for dive magazines, my center of weight is not in my chest or abdomen, it’s much closer to my hips, and I have plenty of floaty fat in my butt and thighs. Even in the middle of the Peak Performance Buoyancy course, when I had just spent lots of time adjusting my weight, I still had a hard time kneeling on the bottom with an empty BC (not that we should be kneeling on the bottom often, but). My feet wouldn’t stay down, and every breath left me struggling to find a position that let me hold still– eventually I just clung to my buddy and let his extra weight keep me down . Part of that was poor ankle flexibility– fully extended, my toes don’t quite line up with my legs– but a little extra weight at the ends of my legs would help too.

That does remind me that, when I was doing my AOW course, my instructor was wondering wtf I was doing as we surface snorkled out to a descent line– I couldn’t kick right, because my feet were at the surface (this was in 7mm wetsuit and 5mm booties, natch). I tried deflating my BC to get more of me into the water, but eventually gave up and just back swam.

I am also a relatively new diver, and there’s a strong sentiment of "lrn2trim"– but it also appears that most teachers realize that this is a fairly common problem for curvy women. I got some tips from reading, like fastening the tank as low as possible and being careful of integrated-weight BCs that place the weight too high on the body or ride up. I guess if I continue to have problems, I should look into new fins.

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