1 run and 2 stories

I had another early meeting today and then more meetings all day, so I came to work just after 7 to get my gym on before that mess started. Most of the 3 miles on the treadmill felt good and strong and fast but at about 2.5 miles the bottoms of my feet were on fire from friction– maybe it was because I started out with socks a bit damp? I paused until the burning let up, and then zoomed to the end trying to outrun my hot feet. I wound up finishing in 35 minutes, not including the pause. I guess I need hot feet to run fast.

Here’s two stories pasted together at the ends a bit. Both are frustrating, but for different reasons. [Also, weight-loss junk follows.]

1. My good friend is about my age, and for a few years now she’s been having problems with extreme physical fatigue– things like getting super winded going up a flight of stairs, not being able to walk for long periods, having her heart race. She’s also fat. She went to a few doctors, and all of them diagnosed her as fat and told her to lose weight– no tests or anything. Then she went back to school, started pre-med track, took a lot of anatomy classes and learned about medicine, and pressed the issue with her doctor– who finally scheduled her a stress test. Lo and behold, she had a defect causing abnormal heart rhythm. Last week she had surgery to correct it, and almost immediately she felt better and had more energy. Yay!

2. I was outside eating lunch with a coworker-friend and poking at facebook, where I saw the good news about my friend’s successful surgery. I told him her story and how glad I was that she was feeling better, and expressed my frustration that doctors had simply told her "lose weight" for years. His response? "Well, she should probably lose weight anyway, but I’m glad she’s feeling better." I answered that I was happy because she’d finally feel up to doing activity and taking good care of herself. I think I need to spend less time with this coworker– his wife is on the weight watchers wagon and has had some success with that (good for her) and now too much of the lunch conversation is all about how he’s so much more attracted to her now that she’s thinner while he eats WW-branded bags of snack food.

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