Blah workout

Since Saturday I’ve been feeling cruddy– run-down and sore guts. And my feet are still tired from standing in line for hours on Sunday (I wore moderately sensible shoes to the art exhibit, but I guess they weren’t sensible enough!) So I wasn’t sure how optimistic to be at the gym this morning.

And it turns out, not much. I struggled through a slow mile on the treadmill with tired and sore legs, switched to the elliptical for another 25 minutes and still hated everything, then finally called it a day. I’m disappointed but I just feel… off. I hope I’m not getting sick. (I just sneezed. NOOOOO)

I normally wouldn’t feel so bad about a single blah workout but I’ve been feeling especially loafy in my body and I’ve had an idea that I need to just get my shit together and workout harder and better and be more careful about what I’m eating and take better care of myself. I’m not sure if this is a persistent feeling, but it’s complicated by the fact that I’m about to go on vacation for a week. So do I need to take the vacation as sort of a reset, or do I just use the time to relax, eat tasty Hawaii food, do some activity in the lovely weather, and not worry so much about it?

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2 Responses to Blah workout

  1. stephieann8 says:

    Enjoy the weather! Be outside if it is nice out. That usually lifts me up.

  2. damon.artiss says:

    I would take time off and relax! Training when your not fully well actually can have an adverse effect on the body and also leaves you with a tired and drained feeling that you’ll begin to link with the gym which is not good! I would take time off and just reevaluate life, ask yourself some big questions that will reignite your excitement for life like what is it you want to achieve in life and then start working on plans to accomplish them! Enjoy! 😀

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