Workout and commute, combined

My husband wasn’t going to be able to drop me off at the train station this morning, and for some reason I got a bright idea to make it the morning I try run commuting. I live just under 3.5 miles from the train station, so it’s a perfect distance, but there’s a lot of traffic along the way I would go, including crossing 2 on-ramps for a big, busy highway.

First off, how was I going to cart all my work clothes and stuff along? I surveyed my backpack wardrobe, and the best fit was a 40L daypack, which was really too big but it’s a great bag with lots of compression straps and a sturdy hip belt so I loaded it up and strapped it down. A flexible water bottle went into the hydration pocket at the back. (I didn’t need a full 2L camelback; I only drank maybe a quarter of the 1L bottle once I got on the train.) Overall it probably weighed between 5 and 10 pounds– pretty light.

The run itself… was aight. The route was a lot of uphill (my tracker says +300′).The added weight on my back felt okay at the start– it didn’t bounce around too much– but I got tired faster. I walked at street crossings and the biggest hills and felt fine about that. It wasn’t too slow overall; took me 43:50 to go the 3.35mi. It had rained this morning so the air was super sticky and I sweated a lot– but it didn’t rain on me, so that was good! I was wearing a little too much clothes for the run.

And I arrived at the train station just in time– within 5 minutes my sweaty self was on the train for the last 30 minutes of my commute. No one wanted to sit next to me, and I don’t really blame them! It wasn’t crowded; if it was, I would’ve just stood. And when I arrived at work, I went straight to the gym, showered, and started my day.

So, yeah, good experience overall. It’s not something I’d do everyday, but it’s a nice option for Wednesdays when I don’t have a lot of time for a workout in the morning. I just need to plan ahead to have my running shoes with me, and maybe I want to invest in a smaller pack. Right now I have a tiny bladder bag, the 40L, and a 65L trekking pack. Do I really need to buy yet another backpack though??

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