I leave for Hawaii this weekend. The last thing I want to do is sit at my desk and deal with work junk! Alas, they need me to do work junk, so work junk I will do– if a little half-heartedly.

I escaped to the gym for another morning run, which went better than I expected– a solid 3.25 miles in 38:30. It was one of those "let’s keep turning up the treadmill speed until I keel over!" workouts. When I finished, I spent 10 minutes in the empty big room lying on the floor meditating. I enjoy that after a run– I’ve tired out my body, so it’s a little easier to settle my mind, even in the middle of a workday.

Back to the fun stuff! So I made my reservations for a couple dive trips, a shallow reef trip and one deep drift or wreck dive. I expect the reef dive to be pretty chill and easy, but a drift dive would be new to me (we didn’t do that specialty in my ADW, since there’s not much current in a quarry). I’m not too worried about it– I’ll be sure to take my safety sausage along– but for a deep dive it might be nice to have a dive computer to max out my bottom time. So, I’m in for a trip to the dive shop, and there goes another $$$…. stupid expensive hobby…

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