Back to my yoga mat

It felt right today to give Angry Hamstring (who isn’t nearly as angry anymore) a little work and do an easy yoga session. I have to say, it felt really good! My range of motion in forward folks is still shorter and I tried not to spend too much time there, but it was nice to put a little stretch on muscles that have been left alone a while. Warrior 1 never felt so good.

After that, I started up a long (15 minutes– soooo looooong) meditation session and sat for a while. It was hard because the washing machine was on a spin cycle and apparently rattling everything in the house that could rattle. Meditation with distractions sucks, but that’s probably a challenge I can stand some work on.

Tomorrow morning my friend and I are going for a mani/pedi (she must have her beach toes) and then it’s a mad dash preparing and packing for the trip. I think we’re going to the airport at 4am. That should be fun…

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