Fight me, jet lag

Last night I fell asleep immediately at 11pm (thanks in part to a heroic dose of melatonin, I’m sure) but I was up at 5:30am to come to work early. I don’t think any amount of light or coffee is convincing my body that it’s time to be awake now– it’s almost noon and I’m yawning heavily, about to doze off at my desk.

I did make it to the gym this morning, if half-heartedly. I started with some lighter lifting (one-leg RDLs back in the rotation, what a pain!) and then headed to the cardio room, where all the elliptical machines were being used. I miss my usual gym time when it’s empty! I hopped on the treadmill to see how a run would work out, but after a quarter mile decided to just fast-walk for 30 minutes instead.

I pulled my calf when diving, probably during the stupid surface swims. It hasn’t recovered yet, so running was kind of twingey. I’m not used to exercise that involves keeping the toes pointed so much. At the end of my last dive, I was making my safety stop and got tired of fighting to stay feet down while waiting for my dive computer to count down, so I let myself orient however my body was going to do. Naturally I settled with my head pointing at the bottom and my feet at the sky. I probably looked silly, upside down looking at my wrist, but at least I could relax during my safety stop for once. Stupid floaty feet.

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