All about recovery

I’m annoyingly sore after yesterday’s lifting. Body, why do you betray me? Oh right, because I’ve hardly been taking care of you lately! Sorry about that, I know you need like a week straight of sleep right now but it’s not happening. Soon? Maybe this weekend?

In the interest of not piling on, today’s workout was 40 minutes of gentle ellipticalling (in an empty cardio room, hooray). I finished with some stretching, and it felt suspiciously like I hadn’t stretched in a thousand years. Which is another side effect of not enough recovery time lately, I guess.

Tonight we need to go to the grocery store. We managed to empty the fridge out before the trip, but we haven’t been able to refill it yet. We’ve been surviving– as long as I have coffee and half and half I can manage mornings, and eat takeout for lunch and dinner. I’d like to get back to eating normally soon, too, because ugh.

Anyway, that’s enough whining for one day…

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