Still sore; lifted anyway

I went to bed at 9pm last night, and fell right asleep. I suppose sheer exhaustion can help counter jet lag. I slept well, anyway, and felt better this morning– still sore, but at least I had some energy.

Enough energy to go lift more!

Bench – 5x5x120lb
Biceps – 2x10x20lb dumbbells
Triceps – 2x10x35lb
OHP – 2x10x45lb
Smith machine upright row – 2x10x30lb+the bar (I can never remember how much it weighs)
Squats – 4x5x115lb
DL – 5x135lb, 5x185lb
One leg RDL – 2x10x10lb dumbbells

I’m trying to ease myself back into squats, though I’m not sure it’s really worth bothering to be gentle about it. They suck at 115lb and they suck at 165lb. Although, given how sore light squats have made my quads, I should probably go slowly. Angry hamstring is still a little angry (and my hams are so sore just from the RDLs! jeez.)

Afterwards I hit the foam roller. My upper back is a mess, and the roller doesn’t really hit anything about my shoulder blades, so results were limited.

Happy Friday!

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