Another upper day

Well, these leg injuries are doing wonders for my bench press.

Since I can’t really do much lower-body work without my calf (I even tried light little one-leg RDLs, and that was a Bad Move) I stuck to a broad-ranging upper body routine.

Bench – 5×115, 2x5x125, (5,3)x5x130lb
Bicep – 2x10x20lb
Tricep – 2x10x45lb
OHP – 2x10x45lb
BO Row – 4x5x85lb
Upright row, Smith machine – 2x10x65lb
Back extension – 2x10x25lb

Bench felt goood today. I called J over for a spot for my 4th set when I bumped the weight up by 5lb, and I really didn’t need him there (though I hit failure at 3 in the next set). Next time I’ll see how sets at 135lb feel and go from there.

J was asking me about the gym powerlifting comp coming up, if I was working on training for that. I told him kind of, but I really need to work on squats and that’s not happening right now…

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