Can’t run, but I can lift

I was up early again to get to work early, do a workout, and get to an early meeting. I set my alarm for 5:30am, woke up bleary, and checked my email to see that the meeting had been cancelled. Still, I stayed up and got to work early anyway (though I may have been cussing the guy who cancelled the meeting at the last minute).

I had plenty of time to lift today, at least, and it went pretty well. I tested out how squats interacted with Angry Calf and it turns out that AC is completely unbothered, at least up to the 155lb test I did. So yay! I can train squats.

Bench – 5x115lb, 2x5x130lb, (5,3)x135lb (woot)
Squat – 5x95lb, 5x115lb, 5x135lb, 5x155lb
Biceps, Triceps, OHP – accessory sets, 2x10xNBD
Bent-over row – 4x5x85lb
DL – 5x175lb

It looks like it’s time to try out 140lb bench, which is exciting– last year’s comp bench was 135lb and today that’s going up pretty easy. On the other hand, I expect to do the wee comp again this year and adding 5-10lb to my smallest lift while not improving the other two… eenh. I need to get back to squats and DL soon, which means I need to heal angry body parts. Get better, angry body parts! *glares at entire backside*

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