Come collect your mom

Today’s workout was a simple mix: 30 minutes on the elliptical (I took my Kindle in and got some reading done*, that was better than flipping through some trash magazine and watching HGTV) and followed that with some core work and an experimental yoga.

It’s amazing how good that experimental yoga felt. There were plenty of places where my range of motion was very shortened to get around injured parts, but just getting into my hips and legs a bit was so nice, emotionally freeing even.

This morning on Facebook I shared an article called Instead of Checking Social Media, I Eat A Bag of Nails which pretty much captures how I feel these days. But by lunchtime I’d already waded into replying to my mom’s comment on my cousin’s post about a specific way that the new proposed healthcare bill hurts mothers (it is one injustice among many, and the entire package is a good thing to be Mad As Hell about).

Now, my mom’s not an educated lady, and on Facebook she tends to be ineloquent (to the point where it’s really difficult to understand wtf she’s talking about). To her, everything is about abortion and she’d vote for Satan himself if he had a way to overturn Roe v Wade. So she starts talking about Planned Parenthood on this article that has nothing to do with it… I commented to redirect her and ask her how she thought this proposed change would help moms and babies. (My husband then piled on, which was not helpful and I kind of wish he would stop doing that. DRAMA.)

Anyway, trying to engage my mother is likely to get me a flood of angry comments from other relatives about how I’m being disrespectful to my dear mom how dare I (not to mention the reaction to my husband, argh). I hate Facebook.

* I’m reading The Heart Goes Last, by Margaret Atwood. It is probably the least good book I’ve read by her. Thankfully it’s from the library so I didn’t spend any money on it.

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