Test run

Sometimes, when I’m not sure I ought to be doing an activity after an injury, it helps to artificially constrain it to keep myself from going overboard and hurting myself again. Today I needed to go and pick up my car from the shop; it’s a mile and a half away so that sounded perfect for a test run to see how my calf would hold up.

It turns out that I didn’t need to constrain myself though– my calf did it for me. As long as I was running on a flat or downhill surface, it felt fine. But as soon as the incline went to uphill, that extra stretching on my calf caused some pain. The path to the repair shop is the “uphill” part of the monotonically uphill/downhill route. I ran for about half a mile and walked the rest. Guess I’m not ready yet.

I finally started looking for massage therapists in the area. My choices seem to be either those subscription places, shady-looking newly opened spots in random strip malls, or this one that’s been open a while with a lot of good reviews but is super-woo. I’m okay with a small amount of woo, but this places offers colonics and reiki and acupuncture and all kinds of woo stuff. And it’s a little spendier, but the staff have a lot of experience.  It’s looking like the winner, since I don’t want to commit to a year at $70/month.

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