Cussing ladies lifting heavy things

Today I was reminded that the time I want to spend in the gym and the time I need to be at my desk for work are opposed to each other, since my gym is at work (convenient) and my day is constrained by drop off/pick up (also convenient). If I want to do a longer workout, and my workday stays the same length, I wind up working in the evenings (which sucks, though I’m lucky to have a job where I don’t have to be on call during off hours if I get my hours in and my stuff done).

This short list of lifts took me almost an hour to get through (not including dressing/showering). Ugh. It looks so compact this way.

Bench – 5x115lb, 5x135lb, 4x140lb, 2x4x135lb
Squat – 5x135lb, 2x5x155lb, 5x165lb
DL – 5x185lb, single 205, single 225
Bicep, tricep, OHP, upright row accessory lifts – 2x10xNBD

So yeah, today was the first time trying a 140lb bench and it went up easy– I got 4 reps out of it (though I was really tired after, see the short sets following). Squats still suck, I’m still having to talk myself into each set. And I need to buy some gripstuff for DL; the bars suck and the heavy one slipped and I cussed loudly, "f—-ing slippy!" Today’s another open house and there were new folks wandering around. Join the gym! Featuring cussing ladies lifting heavy things…

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