INTERVALS: more workout, less time

I wore my gym clothes on the train (which for once was on time) and jumped right into 45 minutes of 1×1 intervals on the elliptical. The trick was getting the work intervals to be hard enough to ensure that I was hating my life by the end– I was, so I must’ve hit the right balance (by the end, my heart rate was up into the 170s, can’t argue with that).

Then I showered, dressed, and went to my morning meeting still sweating. At least my coworkers are used to it by now. "Good workout, G?"

Usually these intense edge-of-aerobic workouts leave me kind of depleted for the rest of the day, and I often get headaches. Today I tried to fight that with a cup of kombu-cha– not the fizzy sugary fermented stuff, but the Japanese seaweed tea of powdered kombu. It’s salty and full of glutamates and trace vitamins. Better than Gatorade? Probably. And it’s actually pretty tasty, like drinking a savory broth.

Last night while my husband was cooking dinner I crammed in another short workout, 15 minutes of abs in HIIT-like format. Crunches, leg lifts, jackknife/pushups/fire hydrants, plank – 1 minute each. I’m feeling serious lately.

So yeah, everything is sore today…

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