hashtag beastmode

Another early gym day, another solid workout. Despite showing up during the morning rush the free weights room wasn’t crowded and I got all my lifting done without competition for the racks.

Bench – 5x115lb, (5,4,3,4)x135lb
Squat – 5x135lb, 3x5x155lb
Leg press – 10×200, 2x10x250
Deadlift – 5x185lb, 1x(205, 225, 245lb) (DL singles make me feel like a BAMF)
Accessory bicep, tricep, OHP, B/O row
Farmers carry – 45lb each hand, across the gym and back (because my hands needed more shredding right)

I didn’t have a spot for bench and it wasn’t going great so I decided to err on the side of caution and cut sets short if I wasn’t getting it. Oh well, I can push it more next week when J is there to spot me. Squat was kinda meh too– I’m back to that mental hurdle where I just don’t want to get my butt under the bar and lift the darn thing, I just stand in the rack staring at it. I added leg press to try to compensate and remind my legs that they know how to do the work.

And every time I do a farmers carry across the tiny, narrow gym, there’s some guy who comes in the door and wants to get to the locker room and won’t step aside for the woman who’s carrying almost 100lb across the gym. My carries are precisely (lol) calibrated to last just until my hands are ready to give out. Don’t add extra time to that because you won’t get out of my damn way, because then I might drop those heavy dumbbells on your toes. (Saying "excuse me" apparently isn’t enough for them to let me by.)

I haven’t been too sore lately, except for my abs and hips from 2 days ago. I guess my core really is that weak! Contracting my abs to lie back to bench press was no fun at all. Tomorrow: more abs.

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