Spring hiking

Today was such a nice day, so I decided to go for a long hike. My husband had stuff to do, so I was more than happy to leave him to it and head out onto the trail by myself, rather than try to negotiate a hike with him. He would not have wanted to go for 10 miles.


Around my turnaround point I wound up having some deep thoughts about what my motivations for hiking (this is the problem with out and backs; it’s very easy to go too far before turning around):

  1. To see all the spring stuff out in nature
  2. Because I like hiking
  3. To get some exercise
  4. To see how far I can go

1 and 2 were big early on, 4 and 3 were what kept me going after that halfway point. It wasn’t a tough hike, just a long one. After I realized how far I was going, I was worried about having enough food and not bonking– I took a peanut butter sandwich, an orange, an energy bar, and some almonds. It worked out all right (I saved the orange for the last 1.5 mile segment, where the sugar really came in handy).




But there was some nice nature stuff to see! I need to look up what this flower was; it was the only big wildflower I saw, the rest were little early ones. In a couple weeks a lot more will be out. My field guide says this is bloodroot.








And I actually crossed this creek, rather than turning around like I’ve done in the past. The good news: my waterproof boots are actually waterproof. The bad news: that far part is deeper than my boots so the water came in (and then couldn’t get out again). Squishy bathtub-foot hiking.

I wore my waterproof boots because I knew I’d be crossing the creek here, but I still have mixed feels about them. I’m a sweaty-foot hiker, so even without water hazards I get wet feet and that causes all kinds of problems.

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