Low-key mode

The weather’s nice, my back still hurts, and my mom wanted me to call her– so I put on my headphones with the mic and walked around the ponds while chatting with her for 40 minutes. My talking scared all the turtles away though. Last night I spent some time stretching and doing back-oriented yoga and I’ll probably do that again later. I’m not waking up in the middle of the night with spasms, and I can get around fine, but it’s still a persistent pain.

I did some googling around and, indeed, most people doing lifting for progression recommend training squat and DL on different days to properly max DL and avoid injury (one said 72 hours between, which might be kind of extreme). It makes sense to me, since both hit the lower back hard– I just wish I’d known sooner.

We’re going to my father-in-law’s family gathering for Easter, next weekend– it’ll be like 60 people, a big Catholic family with lots of grandkids and great-grandkids. I’m taking two pies– a Shaker lemon pie and a rhubarb custard pie. The rhubarb one will probably get made in a not-pie format though– I only have one pie plate. I need to do the volume math to convert a 9″ pie plate recipe to a taller 8″ square pan, or I could use the 11″ tart pan…

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