Rehab suuuuuucks

Day 1 in Angry Backparts Rehab. Everything is a hot mess so I tried to stick to light isolation exercises and core work that should gently hit the surrounding muscles. Bonus: it fit well into my Wednesday morning rush.

4×10, hamstring curls and quad extensions
4×10 each side, cable woodchops
2×1 minute, plank
2×10 each side, dumbbell one leg RDL (wins prize for most suckiest)
2×20, dumbbell front squat

After the fact now I see that some lunges might have fit in there too, but I’m wary of how my hip flexors will react. Maybe I can try some experimental ones another time.

This all was followed by 15 minutes of running on the treadmill (hooray, at least Angry Calf is no longer angry) and some of the nicest stretching I’ve had in a while– I spent some time in reclined Big Toe and it felt amazing, I could literally feel the blood getting to places that had been blocked off. I should do that like 3 times a day. I didn’t have time for the foam roller, so that’s on my list of Things To Do Tonight.

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