New gym PR for bench press!

Last week I talked about bumping bench up a notch. This week I actually did it and it went much better than I expected! I got 3 reps at 145lb, after 4 other sets, so I was pretty pleased. A silly thing that felt like it really helped was gripping the bar hard like I was trying to break it. I guess it really does engage more muscles.

Usually I ask J for a spot, but I looked all around the gym and he was nowhere to be found, so I had to ask a stranger from the weight room (which was fine, he was very helpful). After my workout I went to find him at the office to ask if everything was okay– he said he’d forgotten half his gym clothes so had to skip his workout! I think this happens to everyone…

Bench – 5x115lb, 2x5x135lb, 5x140lb,3x145lb (!!!)
Accessory 2×10: biceps, triceps, OHP, BO row, one-arm DB row, lat pulldown (so much upper back work)

I’m trying to figure out how to work squats and DLs into my short, 4 day lifting week while doing them on different days and keeping recovery time for my back between. It looks like the best solution is to just train them once a week each, Wednesday and Friday. It’s not ideal but it’s better than getting injured.

Speaking of my back and being injured, the acute pain has softened to a dull ache finally so I’m feeling like it’s time to go back to training. I’ll give light squats a try tomorrow, and do the rest of my rehab work too.

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