Havoc and housecleaning

Yet another sprint of a workday. I am thankful that I have M-W next week off, even if it’s because my parents are visiting to help us with some major repairs around the house. I will gladly take carpentry over office work for a couple days.

Today was another upper lifting day, as quickly as I could manage. The weight room was oddly deserted as I finished my sets early this morning, so I was spot-less and had to bench very cautiously. I still did my heaviest set, but stopped as soon as it got dicey because I don’t need 145lb dropped on my ribcage.

Bench – 5x115lb, 2x135lb, 5x140lb, 3x145lb
Accessory biceps, triceps, OHP, BO rows, lat pulldowns, machine pec flys

And then I did a whopping 5 minutes on the elliptical because that was all the time I had.

I’m in an all-day training tomorrow, heading into town early for the march on Saturday, and my parents arrive Sunday afternoon. Have I mentioned the house is a mess? I think my husband (who is not marching with me) is going to get put on house-cleaning duty for Saturday– I’ll do as much as I can but there is no way I’ll be able to get it all done. (Why do I feel like it’s my responsibility to ensure the house is up to snuff? Argh.)

Speaking of marching, I haven’t yet decided if I want to do another lower rehab day tomorrow. I’m still sore from Tuesday’s. And I’m going to be on my feet all darn day Saturday…

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