All the lifts

I haven’t been to the gym in a week, what should I do on this quiet Friday? ALL THE LIFTS.

Bench – 5@115lb, 2×5@135lb, 2×5@145lb, (1,1)@150lb
Squat – 5×5@135lb
Upper accessory, 2×10: biceps, triceps, OHP, BO row (2×5)
Lower accessory, 2×10: leg press (at 275lb it was a pretty ridonk accessory), back extension, one-leg RDL, weighted side bends

All that mess took me a full hour to get through and I am wiped out and wobbly.

So bench is now up to 150lb and the singles didn’t feel too hard, even at the end of all those sets. On the other hand, I struggled through light squats. I tried really hard to keep my back up, lift with my legs and not cheat with my lower back. It was brutal. I’m going to be a little disappointed if I’ve managed to add 20lb to my bench but am 50lb less on my already wimpy squats (and don’t get me started on deadlift, I haven’t even considered trying to get close to maxing out since the injury, maybe next week). Injury recovery stinks.

My mom is on some low-carb diet plan (it’s from that awful book my aunt sent me, that religious weight loss book) but she bought and brought with her two grocery bags full of bagels– like 10 packages. Between my dad, my husband and me (she wouldn’t eat any) we got through 2 of them. It’s not like they were just around the house and she brought them to get rid of them, she bought them just for us and they’re going to go to waste. Why??

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