A tale of two runs

Oh, hello there! It’s been a while. It’s not that I haven’t worked out for a few days, just that I haven’t had time (or, ahem, forgot) to write about it.

On Saturday morning I crammed in a 30-minute run before we were off for a long day. It was hot and sticky, I felt sluggish and went slowly, getting to 2.25 miles before calling it quits.

Today was a little nicer, cooler and breezy, but I was still slow. 35 minutes of big hills, 2.56 miles plodded, but I didn’t try very hard and it turned out to be a much less strenuous workout because I just didn’t give a hoot.

The lead issue here is that my quads are STILL sore from squats on Friday. Of course, taking my sore legs running isn’t doing the recovery any favors. But I have deadlifts planned for tomorrow, so theoretically they’ll get a little bit more time (I say theoretically; DL is mostly posterior chain but it still hits quads).

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