Leg day and looking forward to my comp

Quickie leg day today. I didn’t have the fortitude to come in early yet again so I just did my best to fit in what I wanted to do in the time I had.

Today was mostly trying squats out to see where I was at. They are confusing. They’re terrible when I do them light and equally terrible when I go heavier. The singles at 175lb were a little grind-y and I wound up compensating with my back some, but they were doable. My heaviest squat in last year’s comp was 185lb (I really should’ve done a bigger opener) but I did a couple reps at 205lb later in the summer during my buff bride training. If I can get back to there I’ll be really happy.

Squat 2x5x135lb, 5x145lb, 5x155lb, 5x165lb, 2x1x175lb

Leg press – 3x10x250lb
Weighted back extensions – 3x10x10lb
Farmers walk – 50lb each hand

Have I mentioned my little gym comp is coming up in about 3 weeks? I wonder what participation will be like this year. Last year there were only 3 or 4 women who lifted.

I’ve added 20lb to my bench, squats are about the same as they were, and I haven’t done a proper test for deadlift to see if I can get closer to the 265lb I hit last year (I’m a little hesitant, but the 225lb singles earlier this week were fine). I remember that 265lb being pretty tough– I hadn’t tried anything near it. I’m afraid to train deadlift to failure, especially after getting hurt, so I have no idea how high I might go.

I’m obviously hoping to do better than last year in all 3 lifts, but given my injuries I won’t be too upset if I’m at the same level for squats and deadlift…

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1 Response to Leg day and looking forward to my comp

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Good luck on your comp. I hope you see more women participating this year.

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