Travel training

I am writing this from sunny California! Yesterday my day started at 3:30am to get on a 6am flight and fly out here. My connection was delayed, but I still made it in early in the afternoon and had half a day to toodle around town and check everything out. It’s a really pretty place, mountains on one side and ocean on the other, and sea lions on the pier.

So I’d contacted a Crossfit gym and had planned to show up there yesterday, today and tomorrow. I walked over yesterday at about 1:30pm and they were closed and not answering their phone, so grumpily I gave up for the day. This morning, though, I showed up at 5:45am (feels like ~9am to me, perfect time!) and the gym was open and a class was in full swing.

I came in, and after a bit a very fit-looking woman came over to greet me (seriously I have never seen a buffer woman in person before, she was jacked) and she tried to take me over to a bike to start intervals. No, I’m just here to lift! After I said that she appeared happy she wouldn’t have to take me around, and left me to it. Their drop-in rate was $20/day, which is steep but it works.

It was different than I’m used to – just blank racks with holes for pins, benches hanging up, and bars and bouncy plastic plates. It took some configuring to get set up but before long I was working on squats and bench while the Crossfitters swirled around me doing their crazy stuff. I set up bench too low and got stuck under the bar, and someone ran over to help me out – I think they were keeping half an eye on the weird lady in their gym.

  • Squat – 2x5x135lb, 5x165lb, 2x1x185lb, 2x1x195lb
  • Bench – 2x5x135lb, 5x145lb
  • Accessory biceps, triceps, OHP, dumbbell one leg RDL

Squat went okay today. By the time I got to 195lb my form was falling apart, so I called it a day. Bench was rough; I set it up wrong and had a hard time with my first set, and then I was really tired (and I think I wrenched my shoulder a little, it hurts). And the bench was too tall (my feet could barely touch the door) and rabble rabble. Oh well.

The accessory stuff was actually something of a challenge and I didn’t do much today. There weren’t many dumbbells and they were being used. I used a short bar (“lady bar”) for my bicep curls (I’m sure they were like “who is this person doing bicep curls in my Crossfit gym) and handled the rest with bars and plates and just tried to stay out of the way.

Tomorrow, deadlift and more (lighter) squats.

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