One more for the road

Last night my meeting had a group dinner and I was out a bit later than I wanted to be (the 3 hour time zone difference is killing me). Still, this morning I was up at 5 again, poured some awful hotel room coffee into my face, and was off to the Crossfit gym again. Today there were fewer people doing difficult-looking circuit workouts and more bros lifting. I still felt like a weird interloper though, setting up my racks in the middle of everything and doing my sets while they benched lying on the floor.

  • Deadlift – 5x135lb, 2x5x185lb, 5x205lb, 2x1x225lb (reppin DL waaat)
  • Squat – 5x5x135lb

It didn’t take too long to get done, which is one of the lovely perks of powerlifting. Deadlifts went okay– no twinges of back problems, thank goodness– and the squat sets were solid and felt easy (as they should; I was lifting light).

I paid my 2 days’ fee and the buff lady gave me a tank with the gym logo on it. “What size do you need?” “Uhhh, extra-large I guess?” I tried it on when I got back and yeah, nope. Still, it was a nice little gift to send me on with, the gym’s people really were great to me and maybe if I ever come back here I can visit again.

Our day is a little less structured today, and I hope I have time to go walk on the beach some and see the sea lions and enjoy this beautiful place a little bit before I head back tomorrow.

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