Tomorrow, tomorrow…

…I’ll bench press a bear, tomorrow…

Yep, tomorrow morning is my slot for the powerlifting competition at my little work gym. I’m ready, but I’m still kind of antsy about it. Okay, a fair bit nervous even. I’m still thinking about my openers, and going back and forth on whether to do bench -> DL -> squat or bench -> squat -> DL. (pros of DL first: everything will be nice and loose for squat; cons of DL first: what if I get super tired, or worse yet, pull something? and then I can’t squat.) This is one of those situations where it would be nice to have a coach to tell me what I should do!

I feel like I should have someone take pictures to document everything, but that’s yet another person I need to bring along and I already have to have 2 spotters hanging around doing very little. My mom really wants video. Mom, no one looks cute when they’re powerlifting…

I’m pretty sure about my 1RM for bench and DL, so I know where to start those, but squat is still unclear. The heaviest practice single I’ve done lately is 185lb, but my form was crap (which might’ve been because that was at the tail end of some sets, and my squat form deteriorates rapidly when I get tired). Last year I squatted waaay too light– I opened at 155lb– and kicked myself for months. Maybe I’ll set 185 as my opener and just see where it goes.

Today I did a couple sets of 95lb bench and 95lb squat, just to remind myself of how easy lifts feel, and spent 30 minutes toodling along on the elliptical. Yay taper.

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