Post-comp calm

It was a typical, rushed Wednesday morning and I wore my gym clothes on the train then went directly into the cardio room for 45 minutes of elliptical recovery. I’m not super sore after yesterday’s exertion, but weird things are sore– my calves, my hands? Those little "weak links" that had to pick up slack while I pushed my body with big lifts.

Thankfully I had a podcast that lasted 45 minutes to entertain me, another episode of Make Me Smart. Some people play them at 1.5 speed to listen to more; I leave them at 1x to stretch them out a little.

The folks at the gym who organized the comp sent me some pictures; they are predictably awful (no one looks cute when they’re powerlifting) but I put a couple on facebook anyway and the comments have been fun. I put my numbers up too, which felt kind of like a brag, but I think those are abstract concepts for most people.

Oh, one more detail that I didn’t mention from yesterday: the gym PA music was TERRIBLE while I was lifting and I joke-complained about it (most of it falls into the 80s hard rock that I lump into "misogyny rock") Thanks to my stupid music memory, I can remember most of the songs that played:

Van Halen – Top of the World
Led Zeppelin – Black Dog
Guns n Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
Billy Squier – The Stroke (SERIOUSLY GUYS UGHHH)

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man (I have an irrational hatred for Skynyrd)

But then, the Skynyrd faded out and for the last, big deadlift rep this came on:
Steppenwolf – Born to Be Wild

That got a sigh of relief and a big thumbs-up from me!

The staff were like, can we put something else on for you? They were trying so hard. Uhh, I either lift to death metal (not going to happen) or Nicki Minaj (they’d get fired). I didn’t have the brainspace to come up with a happy medium. Next time I’ll have to think ahead and find something palatable.

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