Just let me enjoy the thing, dangit

It seems my soreness is going to be offset a day or two– today the big muscle groups are complaining. It was a good day to elliptical just a little to warm up, then settle in for some nice yogas. I haven’t really done much yoga since the disastrous Yoga January so I’m out of practice, but it felt good to stretch out my rubberbands a little.

I’ve always been prone to storing up emotions in my hips, and even the gentle hip openers I did were emotionally intense. My mood’s been out of whack lately anyway, so it was a lot of breathing through it and trying to keep my head in place.

I made plans a couple months ago to go camping over the long weekend with some friends, and it’s slowly falling apart. The weather’s looking iffy, and although I’m fine with a night of rain and the chance of a thunderstorm (our tent is sealed, and we have a tarp to put up, I don’t see a problem) everyone else is much less excited.

Camping is an activity that I really enjoy. It kills me when I talk to people about it and make the reservations and the plans, and then everyone complains constantly and threatens to cancel– it just drains the enthusiasm out of me. I’m one of those people who enjoys the planning as much as the thing, and all the negativity through the process really sucks.

I’m going to go by myself, screw you guys. Going into the woods by myself might be a nice change from trying to cruise-manage everyone anyway.

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