dark moods

Couldn’t tell you why, but my mood is in the dumps lately. I’ve felt lethargic and uninterested in everything. It’s not bad bad, but it’s not fun either. And I feel like the lack of motivation is killing me at work, where I’m just doing the things that absolutely must get done and ignoring the other stuff in the pile.

But thankfully the gym is a long-ingrained habit. I headed there before work today and plodded through 40 minutes on the treadmill, a bit over 3 miles. I’m kicking around the idea of shifting gears in a major way, signing up for a 10k and training for that. If I do that, I’d take June to build up my nonexistent base and then start real training in July (because mid-summer is a great time for long runs right).

The results of the powerlifting competition are posted on my gym wall now and I’m kind of cranky about it. They decided that, since there was like one person in each weight class, they’d rank everyone by % of body weight lifted. So my total was 30lb more than any woman, but I still "lost" because a smaller woman lifted a higher % than me. I know, I know; I was only competing against myself blah blah. My brain is still telling me, you’re not only fat but you’re not even strong! (see, good mood eh) So I’m kind of disgruntled about all that.

That’s probably why I’m planning to start running a zillion miles, now that I think about it…

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2 Responses to dark moods

  1. lozette says:

    I was only competing against myself blah blah

    Oh I can relate to this! I was last at my competition at the weekend, which I expected, and I know all the “you against you” rhetoric but STILL!! It’s disheartening. <3

    • G says:

      On the one hand I’m impressed by how well the other person did, and on the other I’m like “damn it I lifted more than you!!1” Ah well.

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