Natural recharge

It’s Friday, and the weather is glorious. I took the opportunity of a slow morning to run down to and around the park, which was still cool and damp from the rain earlier this week but not muddy. My cardio endurance is still lacking, and my legs and feet are tired from running 3 days in a row now, but I eventually got to 3 miles. Even though it was slow and I was walking some, no complaints– running through the woods is a thousand times better than the treadmill.

When we were camping last weekend, I had a relentlessly good mood despite the rain and all the weird bugs and our plans getting screwed up. I wish I could camp every weekend! Getting out in nature is like plugging myself in to recharge. And my concerns are so basic– food, water, shelter, firewood. Spending an hour tying up tarps or chopping wood or washing dinner dishes in a basin is just what needs to be done, no point being grumpy about it.

No camping this weekend, but if the weather holds I might go for a hike on Sunday. Not tomorrow, though. My feet are tired.

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