Family Hiking (with a side of home improvement)

I’d promised my father-in-law that we’d go hiking in the mountains nearby; he got all nostalgic since he grew up there and used to run around in those woods as a kid. This weekend I finally managed to get it scheduled, and he and my husband and I headed out this morning. It was supposed to be a hot day, so we got an early start.

My FIL is in pretty good shape (since he retired, all he does is exercise and watch TV) but my husband is less adapted to strenuous hiking. And I did pick out a pretty killer route; it was only 4 miles long but the first mile was straight up the mountain. I picked the trail because it was the shortest one to hit the overlooks– I think the views were worth it!

I think my FIL expected the woods to look the same as they did when he was young, but he said they didn’t look familiar at all– the park had been created and all the trails cleared since. The spring wildflowers were all gone, but the woods were green and cool. There was one blooming shrub we saw– my guide tells me this is a Mountain Laurel, it’s pretty.

We were home by 1 so I had the rest of the day to do stuff. We’re preparing to prepare to sell our condo, with an eye toward getting a house with a yard. My parents came a month or so ago and my dad helped us with getting some of the big stuff repaired, but we still have a lot of work to do to get the place ship-shape. Everything needs to be repainted after the drywall work, but that will need a few weekends, so we’ve been working on smaller things– my husband recolored his stained bathroom grout while I was in California, so today it was my turn to do the same in my bathroom. This was 3 hours of work! Each grout line gets painted.


see that ugly stained grout? nothing gets it clean.

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