Taking direction

Sometimes it’s easier to let someone else tell me what to do. This morning I turned to the Zombies, Run! app for a straightforward interval workout on the treadmill (with a feeling of accomplishment for helping clean up some stray zombies). Sam and Janine ordered me around according to this chart:

Orange means jog, red means sprint, and green means walk– but instead I jogged the green, ran the orange at a faster pace, and cranked up the treadmill as fast as I could manage for the red. With a little warmup beforehand I covered 2.26 miles in 26:49.

I like intervals. They are the physical embodiment of the saying "You can put up with anything for 60 seconds." Breaking the workout into small chunks makes it go faster and feel easier.

After that I went into the weight room and sweated all over the bench, doing one long set of light bench, bicep curls with the bar, and triceps with a plate. (Yes, I wiped off the bench afterward.) Then, a good stretch and a cold shower.

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