not my most productive workout, but…

I was sort of half-assedly back in the weight room this morning, doing a few rounds of lighter bench and upper-body accessory lifts. I thought about doing squats but the thought didn’t last long. How much of that is feeling lazy and how much is knowing I’ll be running a hard workout tomorrow? Unclear.

After that, 30 minutes on the elliptical at a resistance and pace that was enough to break a good sweat but not enough to make it feel difficult or get my heart rate up to a useful level. Can you tell I was feeling very motivated today? And it was boring– nothing good on the tvs, no good podcast to listen to. Oh well, it’s done.

And, just to note… This is kind of outside the scope of this blog, and I’m not going to spend long talking about it here, but I decided to give DIY Soylent a try so my eating is radically different at the moment and perhaps into the future. I’m hoping that the recipe is well-formulated enough to have no noticeable impact on how I lift and run– we’ll see. In the meanwhile, not having to cook is brilliant! But I am spending a bit too much time in the bathroom (TMI, sorry).

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