Tempo fail

I wanted to do a 30 minute tempo run today. My body said, "HAHA NOPE."

My soylent experiment is maybe not going as well as I’d hoped? I mean, everything’s fine except for some bathroom issues that are making me wonder if I’m having absorption issues. I have enough energy to get through my day, but not enough to do hard cardio I guess. I’m hoping that it will sort itself out in time.

I settled on 10/10/10 and dialed up a warmup pace– I was so sluggish but I struggled through the first section. Then when I turned the treadmill up to get to the actual work (I didn’t even try for an ambitious speed, just moderately fast) it was not happening. Nothing hurt, I just had no energy. After a few minutes of being convinced I was about to die I took a walk break, turned the treadmill back down and plodded my way to the end of the 30 minutes (with more walking breaks). It just sucked.

I followed up with 3×10 squats with just the bar. Long sets of squats always suck no matter the weight, but it wasn’t so bad. I guess I just figured I might as well do a little more since my run plans didn’t go as expected.

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