All systems go!

Friday workouts always wind up exceeding my expectations. Couldn’t tell you why!

I went to the gym aimlessly this morning. Both my running shoes and my old gym shoes that I do everything else in were in my locker, and as I dressed I mulled over which pair to put on. In a "aww f it" moment, I grabbed the running shoes and decided to test if my energy had come back. I wasn’t very confident that it had, and I also had sore quads thanks to the last 2 days of squats. But what the heck, why not– if it went horribly there’s always the elliptical, right?

Well, from the moment I hopped on the treadmill I knew it wasn’t going to go horribly. I felt bulletproof! I started out at a moderate-slow pace, after I ticked off a mile and didn’t feel tired I turned it up, and kept turning it up through the 30 minutes, cheerful and silently singing along to my music. It was a welcome change from the last time I tried to run. I guess I’m all systems go!

And just to finish up the workout on an extra high note, I did more of the same squats and lunges from yesterday. Go legs!

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