Ill-advised yoga?

My delts and arms and upper back are tired and sore from the first swim of the year yesterday. So what do I decide to do for a workout today? Yoga. Shoulder opener power vinyasa practice. I didn’t even realize what the problem with that choice was until 10 minutes in and I wanted to lie down on the floor instead of downward dog and I was like “why are my arms so tired?” Sigh. I powered through it in a puddle of sweat but I will probably be more sore tomorrow.

To make things even more exciting, I’d had the idea that I would do upper body lifting tomorrow. No! Bad idea! Do some dang squats or something! Go run! Just no more arm stuff!

My yoga butt (aka the upper hamstring attachment point that gets strained by too vigorously forward folding) still hurts from my Yoga January injury. I’d stayed away from this kind of practice because it caused it; going back today still didn’t feel that good.

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