Found some energy

Welp, despite more guts trouble and SURPRISE PERIOD, I managed to get through a good and solid 3 miles on the treadmill. It wasn’t fast, but I didn’t stop, and got it done in just about 39 minutes of plodding along.

For some reason the TV wasn’t cooperating with me this morning. I’m not a big fan of having food shows on in the cardio room– something about it just feels wrong. I’m personally neutral on looking at food while I exercise but I can imagine that’s a problem for some folks. Anyway, I turned the TV from Fox News to Comedy Central– food infomercials. (I guess it’s not possible to put on a funny show at 7:30am?) Bravo– some chef reality show. At that point I just left it and watched them make biscuits.

Today is a pile of meetings. I need to find a break in there somewhere to call and try to schedule a haircut tomorrow. I’ve let my short hair grow out unchecked for too long and it’s mullet-y. :(

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