A mix of things

Usually I blog every workout, but this past weekend I was feeling blogged out and didn’t. So now you get a recap of 3! Friday I got a nice 30 minute lap swim done just before a storm blew in. Raindrops and thunder in the distance chased me out of the pool as I was stretching. Saturday, yoga in the morning before we headed out to a wedding. The venue was beautiful– an old mansion in the mountains with lovely grounds. The ceremony was outside next to a lily pond, and as we cheered for the newly-married couple the bullfrogs in the pond croaked too! It was adorable.

Sunday I didn’t do nothin’. Today, though, the weather was just too nice and I was feeling a run so I went out for 30 minutes on the monotonic route. It went much better than I expected– no walk breaks, even with the stupid big hills, and I covered 2.4 miles feeling good the entire way.

Sometime in the next few days I need to think if I still want to commit to the 10k training plan I’ve been mulling over (and find a race to go with it). It’s just that longer distances are a much larger time commitment for slow runners like me; long training runs will be like an hour and a half and I have so much other crap to deal with right now. Can I do a long run and install a toilet and paint the bathroom on the same day? Do I want to?

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  1. Running longer distances is definitely a bigger time commitment. It is exciting though to see what you can do–the longer distances often surprise us and we learn we are capable of so much more than we thought. Can be kind of life changing 😜. Good luck!

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