Dem quads

Lately I’ve been thinking about my quads and their relative wimpiness compared to the rest of my body. While they’re perfectly adequate for running, their performance for things like squats is not so good. I suspect that my difficulty with that lift is due to basically needing to cheat with my back to get heavier weights up. On the other hand, committing to quad work means that my legs will be sore approximately forever. Quad DOMS is the worst.

However, I can’t train quads in a vacuum– or at least it’s a bad idea– so I’ll need to train hamstrings, the counter-balancing muscle, too. And glutes, and hip flexors. Everything between my knees and my waist. Hello, toilet sore.(1)

Anyway, today I did some all-around lifting: bench, biceps, triceps, OHP, squat, leg press, deadlift, back extension. Nothing too heavy or exciting. In the locker room, I was talking to a woman I see often and she was telling me how weak her arms were so she could never lift weights. Umm, that’s why you would lift. Argh. Men never say that, do they? Why are some women so in love with the idea of staying weak?

(1) Toilet Sore: when the lower body muscles are sore enough that getting down to and up from the toilet seat is painful.

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