Time crunch solutions

I’m usually busy on Wednesday mornings, but today I was extra busy thanks to Big Deal meetings that started at 8:30 in addition to my usual one at 10. So, I got up at 5:30am, got on the early train, and made it to the gym at 7:30. This left me about a half hour for working out with the rest of the time for showering and meeting prep.

So, what’s an effective workout in a short time? Intervals! I loaded up Zombies, Run!, picked out an interval workout, and got to work luring zombies into the kill zone. 25 minutes and a hair over 2 miles later I was all done with that; I finished up with 2×10 squats with just the bar because tired legs and dashed to the locker room to clean up and try to stop sweating. Nothing like showing up to a meeting looking like I’m melting…

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