Front of legbutt

Yesterday was back of legbutt day, today is front: quads and hip flexors. You can see my exercise menu below. Looks like fun eh?

I did 3 circuits of stuff like the top chunk: 5x squats, 10x barbell back lunge, 10x each side dumbbell step-up, 10x leg press. And then another 5x squats after the 3 rounds because why not do more squats? I decided to skip split squats because they’re really not that different from lunges. And I hate them and always feel like I’m going to pull something in my hip.

Second chunk: 3 rounds, 10x each side cable leg raise, 20x jackknifes. I tried hanging leg raises and they were really really hard (after 5 I wanted to fall off the ‘chair’) so I stuck to cable. These were also hard. I think my hip flexors just suck. At least the jackknifes were flexors+core so they weren’t so bad. I also tried a set of the 1-leg RDLs and realized that those are really back-of-leg exercises so I’ve got them on the wrong day.

Plus 20 minutes on the elliptical and I had a good long workout in the bank. TGIF.

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