Slacking off on writing

When did I last blog a workout? It feels like a long time ago. I took Monday off to enjoy the long weekend, and frankly I didn’t feel like writing a blog post "I swam laps and it was fun".

But over the weekend, I did get a couple lap swim workouts in and it was, in fact, fun. That was Saturday and Tuesday. On Saturday, apparently I amazed the lifeguard by swimming for a half hour– she complimented me after I was done. I can’t figure out myself if I’m doing well swimming or not; I don’t know how big the pool is, or how fast I’m going, I can just do crawl back and forth for a long time and I figure that’s sufficient.

Today I was back in the weight room for a posterior chain workout. I wasn’t looking forward to it. I included glute thrusters in this one, which always makes for an awkward time in the weight room with the bros.

Deadlift – 5x135lb, 2x5x185lb
Glute thruster – 2x10x95lb (awwwkkkkwaaarrddd)
RDL – 2x10x95lb
Bodyweight back extension – 2×10
One leg DB RDL – 2x10x10lb each side
Lat PD – 2x10x35
Cable wood chop – 2x10x30 each side

The rest of the long weekend I spent working out… on my BATHROOM. I painted. It’s no longer pink. I was kind of over the pink, but now it’s boring rental beige and I’m mourning color. I need a cheerful shower curtain with some brightly-colored fish or flowers on it or something. Next step is to install the new toilet– also boring beige. For some reason "biscuit"-colored toilets are like $50 more and have to be special ordered. After that, the bathroom is done and I can move on to other rooms…

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