Super-sore supersets

Tuesday’s swim + yesterday’s posterior chain workout = soreness. Regardless, I had a (long) workout to get done so onward! I didn’t push anything too hard, it was just a lot of stuff that took a while.

I don’t usually put compound lifts in supersets but it was the way to get them done in a timely fashion. 2 rounds of each superset, and an extra compound stuck onto the end for 3 sets of those.

Superset 1 – ye olde uppere workoute
Bench – 8x115lb
Biceps – 10x20lb+ez bar
Triceps – 10x45lb
OHP – 10x45lb (these have gotten so hard lately and I don’t know why)
Delt raise machine – 10×40

Superset 2 – THE QUADINATOR (and GLUTEINATOR I guess)
Squat – 5x(115lb, 135lb, 135lb)
Step-up – 10x40lb, each side
Lunge – 10x(BW, 45lb)
Leg press – 10x200lb+sled

Superset 3 – oh my hip flexors!
Jackknife on ball – 20x
Clamshell – 10x each side
Side leg raise – 10x each side
Cable leg raises – 10×15, each side

This took a good hour so I was lucky that this morning was slow.

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