DIY electrolyes: post-hot-run cure?

Good golly jeez, it’s hot out there: 88F, heat index of 92ºF, sun blazing down. I could’ve gone for a swim, but instead I decided a run was a good idea. Sometimes I wonder about my judgement…

Anyway, I gave myself permission to go sloooowly, though it was almost a steady, solid run– I stopped halfway to drink water before heading back. I’m glad I did that– I was getting the head tingles by the end of the run, you know that feeling where you’re not sure if it’s hyperventilation or what. I covered 2.6 hilly miles in 35 minutes and arrived back at home feeling like an absolute mess. Electrolytes time!

In a 4 quart jug, I mixed: 1Tbsp “lite” salt (potassium/sodium chloride), 1tsp calcium/magnesium citrate powder, a jugful of water and ice, and a couple squirts of water flavoring (you could probably drink it plain– it’d just taste salty– but we had grape Propel around so I used that)

2 glasses of that and I was feeling MUCH improved– not so much as even a headache left! I was amazed. Thankfully I had this stuff around– I’m going to have a batch ready next time I go out for a hot run.

On the itinerary for this weekend: replacing the toilet. We picked it up Monday– it had to be special-ordered because it’s “biscuit”-colored. I measured all the clearances and the rough-in distance to make sure it would fit, and I’m pretty sure I got the right size. My dear husband doesn’t believe me though, and wants to re-measure everything. Honey, I know how to use a tape measure! Nevertheless, a second measuring before we tear everything out is probably wise.

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